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It can be tricky to know 
how to get started on the MS Diet lifestyle.
I'm here to help! Get step-by-step guidance.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Kim!

I was diagnosed with MS
in 2010. But I've found
a way to effectively manage
my MS and lead a normal
life. I want to help you do the same!

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Healthy Eating


Stuck for inspiration?
Have a look through
my delicious recipes to get started.


Green Cleanse Smoothie

This smoothie is jampacked with a HUGE amount of green goodness! As you down it you can feel your energy levels increasing, your blood sugar levels stabilising and your mind getting clearer. Such is the power of green food. I enjoy a…

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Mental Health & MS

We all know that keeping yourself mentally healthy is just as important as keeping yourself physically well and following the ms diet. The two are inextricably linked and are constantly impacting each other in thousands of different ways! Stress has…

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Choosing the Right Supplements

Supplements are a whole new world that can be a little daunting and overwhelming to venture into if you’re new to the ms diet way of eating! However, the right ones are a vital part of your MS management and…

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The Gluten Story

Today, I released my 3rd podcast episode which is all about the inflammatory effect of gluten in our bodies. I find this topic such a controversial one because some people are still absolutely sure there is nothing wrong with gluten…

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MS Diet Tips

The Recovery Plan Community

About three years ago, I had a burning desire to create an exceptionally comprehensive course on natural recovery from MS. This course would be exactly what I needed when I was diagnosed with MS and felt like I was fumbling…

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