I thoroughly enjoy hearing the stories of courageous women with MS who have fought hard to claim their lives back and won. I connected with Danelle a couple of weeks ago and felt that her recovery from MS was too inspiring not to share with you. Danelle has put simple things in place that have given her miraculous results through her diet and lifestyle changes. She is living proof that our bodies respond beautifully when they are treated with nurture, care and cleansed from toxins and allergens. I will hand over to Danelle now to share her story of healing with you in her own words:

My Story Of Healing

by Danelle Filby
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James and I

Hello everyone, my name is Danelle and Kim has asked me to put together an article about my journey with MS and more importantly, my recovery. At the start of the year 2011 everything in our family was running smoothly and to plan.

Taj, the eldest of our four children was beginning year one in a composite class at the local catholic school and our second born Zane starting prep. We went and did the usual protocol of uniform and stationary purchases.

Leading Up To Diagnosis

The school term began and Taj was finding that school wasn’t as fun as last year. He would often come home with headaches and be short tempered. Taj would complain about the noise of the classroom and not knowing what he was meant to be doing. Then one day he asked “Why do children have to go to school Mum?” Taj led me on a quest to learn about schools, their origins and why children have to go. I started to consider home education. Was home-schooling an option for us as a family? Already, my best friend in Lismore was home-schooling her four children and I would always say to her that I never knew how she did it. Also, my husband’s brother and his wife were home- schooling, so it wasn’t foreign to us.

My husband was happy for me to home school our children. Then I prayed and contemplated for about a month whether to embark on this new adventure. With God’s guidance I committed.

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Our four boys from left: Taj, Lawson, Zane and Ari

I pulled both children out of school after the first term of 2011. The first months of starting out were full of excursions, establishing a routine and having fun. There was high excitement in our home. Even the local paper came and reported on Home Education and took photos of us, even though we had only been doing it for six weeks. Things were peachy and I was in my element which was learning with my four children.

It was Saturday, July 23rd 2011 and our family were going to our first community home-schooling concert. I was really exhausted. During the concert I said to my husband that I needed to go home and sleep. I drove home and crashed out and slept for three hours. On waking up I couldn’t see properly. My focus was blurry, I couldn’t focus. That evening I thought my eyes would clear up the next day and that I would sleep it off. Waking up on Sunday morning I was in shock as I had double vision. Looking at my family they all had two heads, one on top of the other. I said to my husband, that there was something wrong with my brain and that I needed an MRI. Within hours I was at the GP requesting an MRI.

Getting The Bad News

A week passed and it was time to hear the results. My husband and I sat waiting for the doctor. I told my husband that I thought I had Multiple Sclerosis (due to researching my symptoms). We were called into the room and were told, you have lesions on the brain. I was right I had Multiple Sclerosis, an incurable disease.

I was a mess. I had just started our home-schooling adventure and now this. I was gutted. The next appointment was with a neurologist. The neurologist said my two lesions on my brain were the size of tumours. I asked if I should change my diet. He said: “No, you will be alright“.

Was it was a lifetime of drug use on the cards for me? Our peachy happy life was now turned upside down. After having steroid treatment to speed up the healing for my eyes I was getting better. My eyes came back to good vision and I could drive again. After 4 weeks off from school work I decided to keep going with it. Home education was a blessing, as I was distracted from my troubles by teaching the children.

Looking Back

Now that I knew what MS was, I was able to look back on past episodes, 6 years of them: numbness in my arms and face, itchiness of the upper body, fatigue, blurred vision and loss of taste. I would present to my local GP and ER and each time the MS would go undetected. I began to research my condition and learn everything I could about it. The thought of being on drugs for life was not what I wanted. After 15 injections of Betaferon, one month’s worth, I decided to stop. I was having a reaction to them, my platelet count was low, I had bruises all over my legs and arms and it was causing depression. I did three hours of research each night after the boys were in bed and slowly began finding some glimmers of hope. I began another journey, this one of healing with God’s guidance.

Tools For Healing

I had the Melisa blood test done. The Melisa blood test is the world’s leading test for hypersensitivity to metals. It is used worldwide by dentists and doctors to determine whether a patient is intolerant to materials commonly used in dental restorations or bodily implants. It can also test for gluten sensitivity.

The further research led me to do all of the following:

ms diet tip 1I eliminated metal I was allergic to: my nickel dental bridge, titanium dioxide which was in my make-up, toothpaste, and sunscreen.

ms diet tip 2Removed a root canal tooth (due to the bacteria they harbour) and a nickel bridge (my first episode was six months after having a root canal treatment).

ms diet tip 3Went on a Chlorella powder metal detox for 5 weeks (before and after root-canal tooth and nicket bridge were removed).

ms diet tip 4Sunbathed 20 min a day during the cooler months with sun in contact with my skin. Stopped wearing sunscreen, when previously I had worn sunscreen for 17 years continually, even in winter.

ms diet tip 5Found natural make-up (this American company doesn’t use titanium in most of their products, as an example).

ms diet tip 6Changed my toothpaste to a fluoride-free one, and switched soaps for hair and body to natural ones – all to reduce toxin uptake in the body.

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Took supplements: Immuno Calm; Deep cell detox; Acerola Cherry; Vitamin C; Lugol’s Iodine drops; coenzymQ10; Cod Liver Oil; Grape Seed; Zinc; B6; Magnesium and Broken Cell Chlorella Powder.

ms diet tip 8Began to breast pump due to increate the levels of hormone prolactin, to increase myelin cell production

ms diet tip 9Changed my diet: shifted to a wholefood diet; ate 3 plates of vegetables, nuts and fruit per day; eliminated alcohol; cut out all preservatives and additives in my diet; only had sugar naturally from foods.

ms diet tip 10Read web pages by others who have recovered from Multiple Sclerosis: Rosemary Fletcher,  Dr Terry Wahls  and Julie. I am on this site too (MS Diet For Women).

ms diet tip 11Drank only pure spring water (to avoid aluminium, fluoride and table salt in the town water and I was digesting).

Proof’s In The MRI

On the 27th of July 2012, exactly a year since I my last MRI, I had another MRI done. I hadn’t had another episode since the double vision. As I was lying down in the MRI machine, I was thinking that I had done all I could possibly do to beat this thing so far. If there was no improvement I decided I would just eat raw food next. The machine was roaring and clicking for over 30mins. I recited bible verses that I had memorised throughout the year. When I was done, I was given the MRI Disk. I drove home and handed the CD to my husband and he put it in the computer. He looked for the large two lesions and couldn’t find them. They were gone!

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I ran outside and screamed with joy. I then went to the doctors and it was confirmed, they were gone! I was healed. Now it is March 2013 and we are into a fresh new year of home-schooling. I am healthy and fitter than I have ever been. I continue to stick to plan. My husband and I have just purchased 8 acres of land and want to build a home. We are better health wise as a family and I must say getting Multiple Sclerosis was a blessing for our whole family.

Sure it was a tough road and hard to do, but well worth the results. It has opened my mind to think anything is possible with God’s guidance.

Danelle Filby

Back To Kim

Thanks for sharing the incredible story of your miraculous recovery Danelle! It is so inspiring for the rest of us to find out that it is possible to reverse MS and live completely symptom-free. It makes all the hard work and discipline fully worth it. We learn again that MS involves a reaction of the immune system to an allergen or foreign substance. Danelle did all she could to remove every possible allergen from her system and not only did her body stop reacting but it healed the damage that had been caused.

Let’s stay motivated to keep persevering in this battle to stay healthy and overcome our MS.

If you have any good news stories about recovery from MS, even if they are as simple as “I no longer have pain in my hand”, please won’t you share them with us via a comment below, we’d all love to hear them!

Love and nutrients,

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