Yesterday I had a big housework day! I had a bit of motivation because our landlord was coming to see what needs to be fixed when we move out next month (we’ve purchased our own house, yippee!). There was so much that needed to be done. The kitchen was a disaster, all the laundry needed to be put away and the floors all needed a good vacuum. I pondered (in a very flustered way) how on earth I was going to get this all done before he came. I started to feel incredibly overwhelmed and exhausted. I just had no idea where to even start. Then, I realised that I hadn’t had my morning smoothie yet. MS diet Fail! I didn’t have the energy for the task at hand because I hadn’t given my body the fuel it needed to produce that energy!

After downing the gorgeous smoothie that I have every morning (spinach, berries, banana, almonds, apple, coconut milk, cacao powder) I was in a completely different place. I felt energised, I could think clearly and I systematically got all my tasks completed. I’m going to start calling my smoothie ‘rocket fuel’ because it provides me with the power I need to get my daily tasks successfully completed. There is no doubt in my mind that my energy levels depend on the quality of food that I eat. This affects everything I do and influences how I interact with others.

Theme for the Month

I’m going to be trying something a bit different on MS diet for Life for the next few months. Each month will revolve around a specific theme. I’ll be posting articles, tips, recipes and special offers based on the theme. This will allow us to delve into a different element of natural recovery each month.

No prizes for guessing what this month’s theme is. Yip, it’s …

Boosting Your Energy Levels

Energy is the basis from which we conduct our entire lives. If our energy levels are low, then not much gets done. We find it difficult just to get through the day let alone go to the gym! Unfortunately this can start a negative cycle because low energy leads to more low energy until you reach a state of ‘no energy’. This can be a very difficult pit to claw your way out of.

Low energy is probably the most common MS Symptom however I reckon that it’s probably the easiest symptom to successfully treat!

Where does energy come from? We all know that energy comes from the food we consume. Another factor is our body’s ability to convert that food into the right form of energy. This has to do with tiny little organelles in our cells called mitochondria.

These microscopic structures can literally make or break our energy levels. If they’re getting high quality fuel they’ll produce long lasting, good quality energy for the various parts of the body to function effectively. However, if they’re not getting the right fuel to produce energy, this can cause malfunctions in our biochemical reactions which can result in chronic illness.

The bottom line is that we need to be eating as much densely nutritious food as possible. A piece of gluten-free toast with a little salad for your main meal of the day isn’t going to cut it. You need at least 3 different vegetables and then a good quality gluten-free grain such as red or black rice or perhaps a fillet of salmon. Your mitochondria can work with this!

Here are four other simple tips for increasing your energy levels:

  • Drink water regularly and throughout the day.
  • Try and plan at least three good exercise sessions per week.
  • Eat your last meal of the day as early as you can. Try not to eat after 6pm.
  • Be in bed with the light off by 10pm. Train your body to sleep earlier as the sleep before 12pm is of a much higher quality than the sleep afterwards. You’ll also be able to wake up earlier which will give you more time to be prepared for the day.

MS Diet for Life Events coming up in March:

Competition Time!

I’ll be running a competition for the duration of March! The prize will be lifetime access to my premium video 8 week coaching course ‘The Natural MS Recovery Plan’. To enter, all you need to do is comment on this post or on any facebook posts about the competition. In your comment, share your top tip for boosting energy levels. It doesn’t have to be long, just quick one-liner will do! I’m looking for the most unique and creative way to boost energy levels when you have MS.

I’ll announce the winner on the 31st March! I’m so looking forward to receiving all your incredible energy boosting tips and suggestions.

12 – 16 March: 5 day challenge

Join me for a jump start to your MS diet lifestyle. Whether you’re just starting out or need to get back on track, these 5 days will help you do just that. Each day, I’ll be doing a facebook live video to share a different element of this plan with you and encourage you to make the changes you need to make. Put these dates in your diary! I’ll be reminding you via email and social media.

19-26 March: Chat to Kim Week

I am making this entire week available for short, 15 minute coaching calls with anyone who wants to connect, ask a few questions and get some advice on the way forward with their MS. I realise that not everyone needs or even has time for an hour of coaching – we all lead very busy lives. However, carving 15 minutes out of your day to invest into your MS diet way of life is very doable. I’ve also made the cost super reasonable as I want as many of you to be be able connect with me in this way as possible. The cost of the session will be $20 for fifteen minutes of coaching. Obviously we can follow up the call with emails incase you need to ask more questions.

I’ll only be doing this for a week and there are only 20 time slots available so get yourself booked in as soon as sales open. I’ll send you an email to let you know when you can register.

I’m super excited for March – our month of increasing and working on our energy levels!