There is nothing as satisfying as a bowl of hot, steaming porridge on a cold winter’s morning. As the days get shorter and the weather turns increasingly chilly, porridge is a wonderful way to get your MS diet started for the day. It’s nutritious, filling and oh so tasty, especially when prepared this way.

Oats are a good source of soluble fibre which plays an important role in maintaining a healthy gut, in particular beta-glucan which research indicates may help prevent infections. Oats will keep you going for longer as they are high in complex carbohydrates. This means that blood sugars are kept stable as the sugar takes longer to break down and be absorbed. You’ll know how important this is if you have recently read my post on Sugar & MS Symptoms. Be sure to find yourself a bag of gluten-free oats so that you can be sure you’re getting no nasty gluten in your gut.

Oats, along with other grains, contain phytic acid which binds with iron and zinc and makes them not as readily absorbed by the intestine. By soaking the oats you are not only reducing the cooking time, but also reducing the amount of phytic acid present in the oats.


The addition of raw almond butter complements the almond milk used during the preparation of the porridge, and along with the sunflower seeds produces a delicious nutty texture. This is balanced by the  sweet moistness of the banana. Remember that it is important to use raw almond butter as roasted almond butter will contain heated fat. The good fat in almonds denatures when it is heated and the body cannot absorb it effectively. Alternative toppings could include honey or maple syrup. Ok, now we get to the exciting bit! Here’s the recipe:


2/3 cup gluten-free oats
2/3 cup boiling water
1/3 cup almond milk
1 tsp raw almond butter
1 Tbsp sunflower seeds
1 banana, sliced
pinch sea salt


Step 1

Measure your oats into a saucepan and cover with the boiling water. Stir and leave covered overnight.

Step 2

Once the oats are softened, stir in the almond milk.

Step 3

Cook on a medium heat for 4 minutes stirring to prevent the oats from sticking and to maintain a nice consistency.

Step 4

To serve, add a swirl of almond butter, sprinkle with the sunflower seeds and add the sliced banana.

You can also add a dash of cinnamon and honey/maple syrup for a slightly sweeter taste.



I hope you LOVE it!


Love & Nutrients,


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