Cell Rejuvenation With Green Barley

This is one of those whole food supplements that provides a full range of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, protein(amino acids) and antioxidants. The big advantage with this supplement is that it is quickly absorbed and utilised at cell level. There are no negative side effects because your body knows exactly what to do with it, so this should be added to everyone’s MS diet.

Once again, please remember, I’m not a doctor so please ensure you consult with a medical professional to see whats right for you – I’m just someone who wants to share what has worked for me!

What Makes Green Barley Essential For Those With MS?

ms diet tip 1 Rapid Absorption

It is assimilated into your cells more easily than anything you eat which is one of the main reasons why your body responds so well to it. BarleyLife® is a juice that is rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream. Most foods require significant internal processing, with chewing, saliva, stomach acids and enzymes to reach a point where your body can use it. However, juicing delivers more than 95% of food nutrients to your stomach in a form that requires little energy to process. That’s why drinking raw juices such as BarleyLife® is so healing for your body. See the blog about juicing.

ms diet tip 2 Wealth of Vitamins

Almost every vitamin that is important for maintaining the our health is found in BarleyLife®. Vitamin A or beta-carotene is one such vitamin that has been found to help prevent cancer. Researchers have found that people who regularly eat fresh, uncooked, green leafy vegetables have a significantly lower incidence of cancer. This is because dark green leafy vegetables are high in beta-carotene. BarleyLife® contains 2½ times more than an equivalent weight of raw carrots and about twenty-five times that found in an equivalent weight of raw broccoli.

ms diet tip 3 Essential Minerals

BarleyLife® contains over seventy known minerals and trace minerals. All of these minerals are in the form of a plant derivative, the way minerals were designed to be assimilated by the body. Minerals are often considered less important than vitamins, however, they play an exceptionally important role in producing the energy we need to live. When any of the minerals are lacking, the result will be structural weakness in the body and the development of disease. Copper, for example, is essential for healthy blood vessels. Deficient levels can lead to many problems, including strokes.

ms diet tip 4 Maintenance of Alkaline pH

BarleyLife® promotes an alkaline residue in your blood. It is of vital importance that the alkaline/acid balance is maintained at a constant pH 7.4 in the blood. Dr. William Lee Cowden, M.D. says, “Virtually all degenerative diseases, including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney and gall stones, and tooth decay are associated with excess acidity in the body.” I think we can add MS to this list too. Along with the alkaline producing MS Diet, BarleyLife® will help normalise your body’s pH level. It is one of the most alkaline foods you can consume. It is seven times more alkaline than an equivalent weight of spinach and fifteen times that of broccoli.

ms diet tip 5 Protein and Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of cells. They are necessary for growth and metabolism in your body.There are eighteen different amino acids in BarleyLife®, including the eight that are essential to your diet.

This supplement also has twice the protein of a beef burger, gram for gram, without the fat and cholesterol. Barley grass has one of the highest protein content of any plant. Plant protein is far more usable than animal protein because it’s more easily absorbed and assimilated into the body. This makes sense when you realise that some of the biggest and hard working animals build all of their muscle mass from eating grass.

ms diet tip 6 Chlorophyll

This is the substance that makes plants green and converts the sun’s energy into food. Life as we know it could not exist without chlorophyll. It’s the “blood” of the plants.

The chemical structure of chlorophyll is similar to haemoglobin in human blood. This means that by taking BarleyLife®, your blood will carry much more oxygen. Increased oxygen is beneficial for anaemic conditions, respiratory conditions, and mental clarity. In addition, your energy levels are able to stay elevated for a longer period of time without causing fatigue.

ms diet tip 7 Enzymes

There are more than a thousand different kinds of live enzymes in BarleyLife®. Enzymes are not a source of food for the body. Their role is to make sure the various vitamins and minerals are used properly. They help nutrients do their job. Vitamins needs to be piggybacked on a live enzyme in order to pass through the cell wall of cells. It is also important that enzymes are replaced daily as they get depleted through our various unhealthy behaviours.

Good news for people with MS is that there is a specific enzyme (P4D1) in BarleyLife® that actually stimulates the repair of DNA molecules. This means that the DNA of diseased cells can be repaired by the enzyme. When it comes time for them to reproduce, they produce healthy cells because their DNA has been ‘healed’. It does seem like it takes the body two years to replace all it’s cells so you may not see visible changes in your symptoms for a while whilst taking BarleyLife®. However, once those damaged cells are gone and replaced with new ones, there is a good chance MS symptoms will start to fade.

ms diet tip 8 Antioxidants

BarleyLife® is also packed with antioxidants. These little miracle workers act as fire extinguishers, putting out the free radicals that burn good cells. Free radicals damage cells by rupturing their cell wall or damaging the inside of a cell. Metabolism, inflammation, and oxidation are a few different ways that free radicals are produced. The antioxidants in BarleyLife® render free radicals harmless.

What I Use

I chose BarleyLife®, a product of the AIM companies, after reading numerous testimonies of people who had recovered from serious illnesses after taking this supplement for a few months. It is made from the fresh live juice of young organically grown barley leaves.The leaves are harvested when they are at their highest nutrient level. They are then juiced immediately and cooled to prevent loss of enzymes and other nutrients. The fresh barley juice is then spray dried at low temperature to make a fine juice powder. Other ingredients are: high quality maltodextrin, brown rice and kelp. These are added to provide other nutrients not in the barley juice. The maltodextrin also locks in and protects the barley juice from oxidation which helps maintains its freshness and quality. Each 4 g serving contains only 1 g of natural sugars, from the barley juice

I have seen a remarkable change in my energy levels since taking the supplement. This is the first supplement I take in the morning and it leaves me with a clean feeling of well being. I can almost hear my body saying ‘thank you for feeding me exactly what I needed!’. I feel so much more normal and don’t get that absolutely exhausted feeling at the end of the day anymore. I put it down to the fact that my cells are working so much efficiently because they have been given all the tools to do so.

I prefer the powder, but the capsules also work just fine and may be easier to swallow, but I like to add the powder to a large glass of water (after working the dosage into a paste before adding the rest of the water).

How Was This Product Developed?

BarleyLife® was pioneered by Dr. Yoshihidi Hagiwara, MD, a research pharmacologist. He had developed mercury poisoning, due to experiments in his own pharmaceutical laboratory. He came to the conclusion that many of the synthetic pharmaceuticals he had developed were creating more health problems than they were solving.

Dr. Hagiwara set out to regain his own health and started by studying Chinese herbs. This led him to study the nutritional value of green plants. Over the course of twenty-five years, he and a team of scientists studied over four hundred green plants including green barley grass. He found this grass to be the richest source of nutrition on earth. He then invested an additional three years developing a process for turning the barley grass into a juice and air drying it into a powder. This process preserves all of the nutrients, keeps them alive and active, and allows them to be easily absorbed by the body.

Recommended Dosage

Once again, its always best to consult with your doctor or neurologist before taking any supplements. The recommended dosage (which I use) is as follows:

Capsule: Take 7 capsules on an empty stomach (you can take this dose 2-3 times a day, as recommended by the supplier, but it does get a bit expensive!)

Powder: One heaped teaspoon mixed with 180ml of water or juice, twice a day (supplier also recommends increasing this to 2-3 times a day, but since I take a lot of other supplements, I stick to the basic serving once per day). Many people start with 1/2 teaspoon (2 g) or three to four capsules per day and gradually increase their serving every four to five days.

Expected Monthly Cost

Both options come in a “family size”, which is far more economical in the long run, but here is the traditional size cost:

Capsule: With the traditional 280 capsule bottle, you should get 40 days worth (7 capsules a day only). This bottle is priced at around $47, which is $35 (£22) per month.

Powder: The traditional 180g powder container is enough for 45 days (one rounded teaspoon 4 g per day) and is priced at around $33 (£20). This is $22 (£14) per month.

You can order it here:

AIM BarleyLife Green Food – 360 Grams Barley Grass Powder (UK)


I hope that gives you a bit more insight into what MS supplements I use, for a complete list of all the supplements I take as part of my MS diet, visit the Supplements page. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a comment below, I will respond to every one.

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