I was overjoyed when I came across the Deliciously Ella food blog! Ella’s recipes are very much in agreement with the MS diet way of eating and she has such a fabulous collection. Her journey to health is similar to mine and the many other women who have recovered from MS. She embraced food and a new lifestyle to recover from Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, a heart condition that left her exhausted and in chronic pain. Medication didn’t help her condition so she turned to nutrition. She has fully recovered and now runs a high profile and creative and recipe blog to help others realise the healing power of food and start eating this way.

Understandably, I immediately identified with Ella because we have the same goals: keeping ourselves disease free and helping others do the same! So, I decided to attend one of her amazing cooking classes in London. It was a privilege to meet Ella and to learn some different ways of cooking and presenting the food that I love so much.

I would like to share a bit about this experience and tell you about the fabulous things we made.

Sharing Stories

Twelve ladies, all from diverse backgrounds, gathered around the table at the Old Street Cookery School, London. It was a fresh morning and we were all, clearly, excited to be there. Ella gave each of us a chance to talk about our own personal journeys to healthier eating. I was struck by how many of the ladies had chronic illnesses.

One lady had Diabetes, two had Celiac Disease and yet another was recovering from breast cancer. All of them had seen positive changes in their symptoms as a result of changing their eating. They were all fascinated and encouraged by my story of recovery from MS. I felt super inspired by these courageous women!

Getting Cooking

We began by making a breakfast smoothie. Three types of berries were blended with freshly made oat milk. Oat milk is super easy to make and a lot cheaper than nut milk. The creamy texture is also very tasty. You can also add a few tablespoons of raw almond butter if you need a protein boost.

After downing that, we were ready to move on to making lunch! We used a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles and combined them with brazil nut pesto. Totally delicious and decadent, yet clean. To compliment this dish, we made Ella’s beetroot carpaccio, rocket salad. We basically peeled a whole cooked beetroot and shaved it with a potato peeler. It looked exactly like carpaccio and tasted divine with the rocket and dressing.


There was a jovial atmosphere when we all sat down together to enjoy the amazing food we had made. We savoured every bite! It was also a lovely time to chat more about the healing power of food and what a difference it makes to our lives.


One of Ella’s specialities is her divine sweet treats and her banana ice-cream ended the cooking class on a high note. I have been making it almost every day since the class. It’s the simplest and most rewarding dessert I’ve every made. You basically just put a few frozen bananas (you cut them up before you freeze them) in a blender and wizz them up until smooth and creamy. I have enjoyed adding a little coconut milk if the mixture is too thick. And that’s it! It honestly tastes like the usual, dairy-filled ice-cream.

Just make sure you buy loads of bananas and freeze them when they are ripe. My kids cannot tell the difference between this and dairy ice cream. They love it!

Summing It Up

It was a huge privilege to be able to attend the class and meet so many inspiring women. It’s just good to know that eating this way works for so many other diseases, as well as MS. The power of food never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you Ella for sharing your amazing creativity and delicious recipes with us. I look forward to trying more of them!

If you would like to connect with Ella and visit her newly refurbished website, here is the link: www.deliciouslyella.com. She also has an app which is very useful for quick access to recipes.

I look forward to hearing your feedback!