Green, green and more green! That’s what this salad is all about. No, it’s not your traditional green salad of lettuce leaves and tomatoes. It embraces three, nutrient dense, green veggies. Introducing (drum roll please):

The long stemmed broccoli

The thinly sliced courgette/zucchini

The melt in your mouth asparagus

These veggies are cooked and cooled and then smothered in a rather delicious basil, olive oil and garlic dressing. I just love the flavours contained in this dish. They are fragrant and clean.

The thing about eating green veggies is that they contain chlorophyll which actually increases the oxygen level in your blood. This gives you more energy and helps your body to function more efficiently. More healing and toxin removal can also take place.

This salad can be taken on picnics or eaten for a light lunch. It can even be added to salmon as an evening meal. Give it a try – it’s really easy!

Green Vegetable Salad & Basil Dressing


Serves: 2-3

Ready in: 15 min


1 pack long stemmed broccoli (8-10 florets)

2 courgettes/zucchini

1 pack asparagus

1oz/24g basil (basically a handful)

4-5 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

1 clove garlic

Himalayan salt


Place broccoli and asparagus in the steamer and lightly steam for 10-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, slice the courgette/zucchini into thin but wide ribbons. Use a potato peeler if you like.

Heat a pan with a little coconut oil and lightly stir-fry the courgette until a little brown on both sides. Place in a serving dish.

To make the dressing, whiz up the basil, olive oil, garlic clove and salt (to taste) in a high speed blender/food processor.

Add the cooked broccoli and asparagus to the courgette and let them cool slightly before covering with the dressing and mixing through.

Enjoy on it’s own or with rice and fish!


Hope you enjoy this delicious dish! Your body certainly will.