Lately, I’ve been thinking about healing foods and how I can get more of them into my body. I’ve been reading ‘The Wahls Protocol’ by Dr Wahls and although I don’t agree with everything in her protocol I like that she really hones in on the foods to eat and not only those to avoid. She recommends nine cups of fruit and veg every day. This is a tall order by any standards but one worth aiming towards seeing as though it has helped her recover so brilliantly from her SPMS.  The body needs the right nutrients to stay healthy and function optimally. Taking a multivitamin will help but it can never replace the healing goodness that comes from natural and unprocessed foods. The only way our cells receive these healing materials is from nutritious food. If you don’t eat the right foods, your body will have very little to work with and systems will begin to deteriorate.

It’s also important to eat a variety of foods and not the same ones every day. I love spinach in my smoothies but I’m now alternating it with kale. I’m also trying to incorporate new foods into my staple dishes. You’ll see that today’s dish contains the lovely radish. This is not a vegetable I would normally eat. It gets ignored as I look for my favourites in the grocery store. However, it has something to offer that no other vegetable has. Every food has a unique nutritional profile and should be on a nutrition rota in your MS diet.

A Challenge

On your next visit to the grocery store, I challenge you to pick out three vegetables that you’ve never tried or haven’t eaten for a while. Get out of your veggie comfort zone and try something new!

The Recipe

This is a salad with a difference. Eaten warm, it is a combination of raw and cooked ingredients. Just thinking about this salad makes my mouth water because it is tasty, filling and makes me feel fabulously healthy. I use red rice as a base ingredient for quite a few dishes. It’s completely unrefined and yet has a softness to it that I haven’t found wild rice. It’s very pleasant to munch!

Just to remind you, red rice has the following benefits for your health:

  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Good source of Zinc
  • Great roughage

I’ve added broccoli, radishes, avocado, and olives to this dish. These are the ‘fresh’ ingredients. Broccoli is such a good source of plant protein and contains green goodness that feeds your cells, making them work more efficiently. Remember to steam broccoli (not boil) for around 5 minutes. This way, maximum nutrients will still be available to your body. It should still be slightly crunchy and bright green.

Radishes are such happy little veggies. I am in love with their bright pink colour. I received a little bunch of them in my organic farm veggie delivery and decided to include them in this dish. Their flavour is very mild but is still distinctive. They’re also beautifully crunchy! Full of vitamin C they are great for digestion. Apparently they also help with toxin removal and are protective against cancer! Quite big claim for such a small little veggie. I can definitely believe it though.

 Red Rice & Avocado Salad

warm rice salad close up

Serves 2

Ready in: 20 min


1 1/2 cups red rice (if you don’t have red then any wild rice will do)

1/2 head broccoli (broken into small florets)

1 avocado

2-3 small radishes (sliced)

handful black olives

Himalayan salt

Extra virgin olive oil


Cook the red rice as per the packet instructions. This should take around 20 minutes.

When the rice is almost done, put the broccoli in the steamer for 5 minutes.

Mix the rice with the broccoli in a serving dish. Add a little Himalayan salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Slice over the avocado and add the radishes and olives.

Serve with a generous dollop of Extra-virgin olive oil.