In keeping with our theme of inspiring stories of hope and healing for MS awareness month, I have a treat for you! This past weekend, I had the pleasure and honour of interviewing Canadian filmmaker Judith Morrow.

Judith has recently finished producing a documentary about one courageous woman’s recovery from Secondary Progressive MS. It’s called, ‘The Healing of Heather Garden’. It’s amazing! Heather’s symptoms were dire and debilitating to say the least. She needed help with everything including just moving around and feeding herself. Yet, if you look at the fit, able and confident woman she is today, you would never say that she was once so debilitated. The trailer of the film shows her running on the beach and darting off to work in her car. There is no denying that she has found a way to heal herself.

Judith embarks on a journey to discover what exactly helped Heather to completely overcome her MS. She expressed, in her interview with me, that she found it difficult to pin this down. There were so many factors, over a course of ten years, that came into play. When Heather was asked if she could share exactly what made her better, one thing that she could say for sure was that hope came into her life.

She began to believe that she could recover.

Such is the power of the mind and belief. It seems that just believing that we can recover and not resigning ourselves to the ‘normal’ course that MS takes – is one of the most important factors in staying well. Obviously there were many other elements that came into play and some of these are discussed in the film.

I would highly recommend Judith’s film to anyone looking for hope with their MS. Have a squiz at Judith’s website for more details on how to get hold of the film.

But for now, you may be interested in listening to my interview with her. She is an amazing person with a tremendous amount of insight into treating MS naturally. She fully believes that people with MS can fully recover – even from the most serious of symptoms. She has witnessed it first hand! The sound quality of the interview is a little rough at the start of the interview but it gets a lot better so stick with it if you can.

Hope you enjoy listening!