The past few months, I have made it my mission to find the healthiest, most nutritious and delicious raw snacks. I love making my own raw snacks but it’s always useful to have a little help when time is short. There are also so many innovative and trendy raw snack companies popping up  and I want to try out their products!

Why raw?

I look for snacks that still contain most of their nutritional value. In my books, there is no point putting empty and nutritionless calories into my body. If I’m going to eat something, it must be contributing to my healing and providing me with balanced energy. Raw snacks are perfect because they have been prepared in such a way that the beautiful nutrients contained in the ingredients are still available to the body.  I don’t eat a completely raw diet but I like to make sure that at least 50% of the food I eat is raw.

My MS diet consists of a raw smoothie in the morning and perhaps some raw avocado on rice cakes for lunch. My raw snacks come a few hours after that and then I eat loads of cooked veg and often fish for dinner. It works for me and my body. From time to time I do a raw food fast for a week and my body responds by giving me more energy, better quality sleep and improved symptoms. Raw food is definitely the key to a healthier body!

The Benchmark

My raw snack products need to meet a very strict set of criteria:

Refined Sugar-free: only coconut sugar, dates, honey, maple syrup are acceptable.






I also look for products where the nuts and seeds have been activated or sprouted as this just takes the nutritional content to new levels! Activated nuts are just so much better for the gut and the nutrients are assimilated more easily into the body.

My Top Four Snack Companies (UK)

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to four of my absolute favourite raw snack companies here in the UK. I will be doing US snack companies in a separate post. My chosen four are legends and use the highest quality ingredients to produce some of the most amazing snacks I’ve tried. All of them are organic which was not on my requirement list but it is a bonus to know that these snacks are free from any preservatives and pesticides. So, here they are!

1. Raw Gorilla


I just love the innovation in this raw snack company. From the gorgeous branding to the snacks themselves, Raw Gorilla rocks! Their snacks and cereals are beautifully put together and contain a variety of superfoods. Right now I am munching on their ‘Raw Cacao & Lucuma Munchies’. They’re light, crunchy and I can taste the goodness! They are basically little round disks made from sprouted buckwheat, dates, raisins, dried figs, Lucuma Powder, Cacao and activated almonds. The fact that the almonds are activated makes me love Raw Gorilla even more! Soaking nuts, removes the phytic acid that can often irritate the gut. This makes them far easier to digest.


The other Munchies flavour is Maca & Cinnamon which is equally delicious. Raw Gorilla has also produced a range of cereals which go perfectly with my coconut yoghurt. It’s great to have another option for breakfast or a substantial snack. The lovely flavours are:

Original Crispies

Strawberry Crispies

Raw Cacao Crispies

These contain all natural, raw ingredients that will make every cell in your body work more efficiently. Raw Gorilla uses these these superfood ingredients: Sprouted Buckwheat, Coconut Chips, Dried Figs, Coconut Blossom Nectar, Lucuma Powder, Cacao Butter, Cashews, Maca Powder, Vanilla Powder. All my favourites!

They have coined the term Rawvolutionary to describe themselves which I agree with wholeheartedly! I applaud Raw Gorilla on their efforts to create snacks that the body can easily digest, assimilate and use for healing and balanced energy production. Try them out – you’ll be so happy you did!

2. Pure Vida


This remarkable company produces raw breads which are completely free from yeast, gluten, sugar and all the nasties that usually go into bread – even gluten-free bread! I am always on the look out for healthy bread made from good quite ingredients. It’s hard thing to find! Bread is a staple and it’s great just to be able to grab a quick sandwich or have something different for lunch to my usual rice cakes.

Needless to say, I was overjoyed when I came across Pure Vida. Their breads are densely crammed with nutrients and produced using the correct dehydration methods to keep the ingredients in their raw state. The nuts, seeds and grains are also soaked and sprouted which adds a whole new dimension of health to the bread.  The main ingredients in the breads are: Buckwheat, Flaxseeds, Cold pressed Extra Virgin olive oil.

The Pure Vida breads come in four delicious flavours:

Raw vegan banana–flavoured bread

Raw broccoli Bread

Raw chia bread

Raw onion bread

I have to say that the raw onion bread is my favourite. It’s wonderful topped with avocado and tomato! I have just decided that this will be my lunch for today. Thanks Pure Vida!


Pure Vida also produces raw and cold pressed health juices. The available flavours are: Sea Buckthorn Juice and Cherry Juice which are loaded with antioxidants, minerals and nutrients to keep you functioning at your best.


3. Pulsin & beond


Pulsin & beyond are a cutting edge, raw snacks company that produce a myriad of gorgeous snacks and products. My firm favourites are their raw bars which are so brilliant for just keeping in your bag for a quick snack if you’re out and about. They’re also absolutely delicious and you can just feel the raw goodness being absorbed into your body. There is no need for sugar-laden snacks when you have these available. The beond bars come in five fabulous flavours:


Apple & Cinnamon

Baobab and Pineapple


Raw Chocolate

Sour Cherry

They’re all amazing but I’m completely in love with the apple and cinnamon bar. I could live on these!

Pulsin also makes all natural protein powders which are great for vegans/vegetarians looking to pack in a little more plant protein into their diets. Protein really stabilises blood sugar levels and I would highly recommend these products to anyone who feels they need a bit of a protein boost!


I will be adding a sprinkle to my morning smoothie!


4. Love Raw


Biting into a Love Raw bar for the first time sent me into a blissful world of heathy sweetness and superfood flavours. Love Raw is a raw snacks company that has taken great efforts to make sure their ingredients are of the highest quality and benefit to the body. Love Raw are exceptionally good at superfood combos and each bar contains a super foodie element which makes for interesting and exciting flavours. This seems to be their speciality.

Each substantial bar (more like a meal than a snack) is packed with a large amount of nutrition.  These bars actually contain more nutrients than many multivitamins and will give you an instant energy boost.


The ingredients are honest and simple and consist mainly of: dates, almonds, cashews and super foods such as raw cacao, chia, mama, spirulina and rosehip.

There are currently four raw bar flavours.

Coconut & Chia

Cacao & Spirulina

Rosehip & Lemon

Cacao & Maca

They’re all delicious but Cacao & Maca is, without a doubt my absolute favourite (It’s not in the picture because I ate it – oops!). I’m a big fan of the brown stuff! It’s very chocolaty and is so much tastier than the nasty processed chocolate bars I used to be addicted to. It also completely satisfies my sweet tooth and I don’t feel that I need anything else after eating this bar.


Love Raw also produce super food powders to alkalise your blood, feed your skin and energise your body. These are mainly made from Chia seeds and blended with superfoods to make a super healthy powder that can be added to smoothies and porridges. They’re brilliant!

Keep up the super awesome work Love Raw! I love your snacks!


Please get in touch if you have any other MS diet raw snacks you would like to recommend!