I love smoothies – SO much! They are the perfect way to start the day and help you to cram tons of life-giving nutrients into your body. Each morning, my smoothie reminds me of just how blessed I am to be living this lifestyle and how healing it is for my body. I find that it helps me begin the day on a good note and boosts me into my morning activities. Here are some really great things about smoothies.

They’re Raw

This means that all the enzymes in the fruit and veg are still intact and contain maximum nutrition for your body. It’s also highly cleansing which brings us to point 2!

They’re Cleansing, Healing & Anti-inflammatory

I’m a big fan of helping the body cleanse. When the body is provided with an opportunity to clean itself, it can also start to heal. This happens at night while you’re sleeping and the process continues in the morning – if you’ll let it. Because a smoothie doesn’t take much energy to digest, the body can use those valuable resources elsewhere and focus a bit more on healing and reconstruction. This MS diet cleansing routine is so important for keeping disease at bay.

They’re Filling

Smoothies really are a perfect breakfast because they keep you going for hours and give you more than enough energy to make it through to lunch. Try adding nuts and seeds to stay fuller for longer.

They’re great to Make & Go

Sometimes I’m in a rush to get out of the house and I don’t have time to sit down for 10 minutes and relish my smoothie. Luckily,  smoothies are great for the grab & go lifestyle. You just need one of those portable smoothie cups and you’re A for away!

I like to mix things up a little and vary my smoothie flavours. One bright and lovely morning I came across this gorgeous explosion of nectarine goodness. What a find! It’s sweet, creamy and completely divine! Composed mostly of nectarines, it has a strong peachy flavour. It also contains berries, almonds, banana and the token super food ingredient – cacao!


Nectarines are potently high in Vitamin C which is considered an important antioxidant that helps promote good health. They are also protective from certain illnesses and diseases. Beta-carotene is another antioxidant contained in nectarines which helps to fend off the free radicals that cause disease. A perfect fruit for the MS diet.

A serving of nectarine will also provide 9 mg of calcium, 13 mg of magnesium and 287 mg of potassium. Nectarines also contain iron, folic acid, vitamin K, as well as naturally occurring sugars that help provide energy. It’s just full of the right nutrients to keep our bodies functioning beautifully.



2 ripe nectarines

handful almonds

1 banana (frozen is best)

1 handful berries (frozen is fine)

1 tsp cacao powder

2 apples (juiced)

2 carrots (juiced)


Put all the ingredients (except for the carrots and apples) into your blender.

Juice the carrots and apples and add to the other ingredients in the blender. If you don’t have a juicer, just add the carrots and apples to the blender and add coconut milk or filtered water.

Blend until creamy and drink immediately!