Yes, I have started a podcast! Changing one’s diet and lifestyle can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many aspects to think about and consider. So, I wanted to create a podcast with short, bitesize chunks of guidance. Each week I will be discussing one specific topic and delving into all the details.

Thursday is podcast day so you can expect a new episode to launch you into your weekend every Thursday!

This week, the topic is ‘Why Give Up Dairy?’ This is a question I get asked all the time. Besides the fact that it’s packed with saturated fat (which we know is a no no for MS), there are a few other important reasons to say goodbye to it for good.

In this podcast, I explore the three main reasons stop eating dairy. These days dairy alternatives are accessible and affordable and there are so many good ones. So, you really have no excuse not to give up your favourite dairy products.

Now I know that this is no easy task as these are your staples and favourites! However, your health comes first and the sacrifice will be worth it when you start the feel the difference. Your body will feel more efficient and you’ll have more energy. That’s what we want!

You can have a listen here:


Love Kim

Episodes will be released every Friday