In South Africa, home made crunchies are a big thing. Most people have a constant supply in their kitchen cupboards. They’re kind of like the UK equivalent of flapjacks but thinner and crunchier! They usually consist of oats, flour, butter and lots of sugar. They can be eaten plain or iced with the most delicious chocolate icing. They’re amazing but so unhealthy! All that gluten, cooked fat and sugar would send my body systems into chaos. A major meltdown would occur!

My body has become very sensitive to these ‘bad’ foods since I started eating this way. It’s clean now and doesn’t want any junk polluting it. I know the feeling! After my cleaner has paid my house a visit (my one luxury in life) I try my hardest to keep things looking as pristine. Dirty dishes get washed straight away and any mess on the floor gets vacuumed up in a jiffy. However, when my house is completely trashed and out of control, I’m not as motivated to do those little things. It’s so dirty anyway – what’s a little more dirt going to do? I think the same can be true with our bodies. When we’re eating unhealthily already, a little more junk food here and there isn’t going to make a difference. We probably won’t feel the effects at all. However if your body has been cleansed of toxins then just a little junk food is going to make a big impact – you’ll really notice the difference in how you feel.

I digress, back to the crunches! Here’s the thing, I really miss them. That beautiful sweet crumbly texture is so clear in my memory. I also loved just having them in my cupboard if I needed a pick me up snack.  So …  I decided to come up with my own raw, gluten and sugar-free version. The results are delicious and even better than the original! In my humble opinion that is. I’ve also iced them with my new favourite ‘healthy’ cacao icing which is positively heavenly!

Give them a try – they’re really easy!

Raw Oat & Pecan Crunchies






Serves 12

Ready in 1 hour

Crunchie Ingredients

2 cups gluten-free oats

1 cup desiccated coconut (organic and preservative free)

3.5 oz/100g pecans

handful sunflower seeds

1 Tbsp chia seeds (optional)

1 tsp cinnamon

4 Tbsp maple syrup

1 Tbsp coconut oil

a little water

Cacao icing

2 Tbsp coconut oil

1 Tbsp almond butter

2 Tbsp raw cacao

2 Tbsp maple syrup (more if you like it really sweet)


Put all the ‘crunchies’ ingredients, except for the sunflower seeds, in a food processor and blend until they are fully combined and are sticking together nicely. You may need to add a little water if they’re not sticking together so well and are still a bit dry and crumbly (be careful not to make it too wet though.

Mix in the sunflower seeds by hand until they are spread throughout the mixture.

Press into a baking tray lined with baking paper and put into the freezer.

To make the icing, melt the coconut oil on a very low heat. Remove from heat and add the rest of the ingredients. A lovely runny chocolate sauce will have formed.

Drizzle the cacao icing over the the crunchy mixture. Have fun making pretty swirly patterns. Put it back into the freezer to set. It should take around an hour.

Cut into squares and serve or store in the fridge until you get a little peckish or need a healthy treat!


I would love to know what you think of this recipe so drop me a line!