Have A Few More Questions? This Will Help…

I know how it feels to be on the fence – there’s a part of you that really wants to give this a try, and then there’s another part of you wondering if it’s the right thing for you.

If you’ve been debating whether you should use any of the MS Diet For Women resources, I want to help you make the decision by sharing my answers to some of the most common questions that I receive. And, I also want you to know that if you have other questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Just contact me or post a comment below and let me know your questions and I’ll get back to you right away.

Here are a few questions I get asked often:

[box style=”blue”]”Is this really a good investment…  why should I try this?“[/box]

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but here are some of the reasons I think you should be investing in your health:

[list style=”arrow-orange”]

  • Investing in your health is always a good investment, especially when you have MS
  • You can probably find all the info you need yourself by searching online and speaking to medical experts, as I did, but it took me over 2 years to really start to piece things together – I’ll be saving you all that time!
  • I’ll be doing the hard work for you – creating meal plans and recipes is a lot of work, why not use that energy to simply prepare meals and fight your MS!
  • Doing this on own your own is possible, but together we can support each other through the process – that’s what the MS Diet For Women community is all about!
  • I have been through the change to a MS diet lifestyle myself, so why not benefit from my experience?
  • Understanding how MS affects your body will bring positive returns back to you for years to come, this includes: reducing existing symptomspreventing new symptoms and slowing down MS progression as much as possible (yes, and even reversing it!)
  • You need to be thinking about managing your MS for the long term, and drugs won’t always help with that (especially as they often come with their own side-effects)
  • Improve your overall health and the health of your family
  • Reduce your weight naturally and consistently


[box style=”blue”]”I’ve never used MS Diet resources like this before – is this for me?”[/box]

MS Diet For Women resources are perfect for women who are ready to make a change, but don’t know where or how to begin. You’ll get everything you need to starting making changes in your diet, from meal plans, ebooks, recipes and juice fast guide… I’ve even written the shopping list for you! And, there’s a ton of support – you’ll also be able to support from others like you via the Community.

I’ve really tried to make these resources easy to follow and supportive. If you’re curious about learning to live a lifestyle that will allow you to thrive with MS, this is a great place to start.

[box style=”blue”]”I would love to do this program but I’m not sure I can afford it right now.“[/box]

I understand that it is sometimes difficult to spend money on yourself in this tight economy. But have you ever considered that spending  to learn how to make positive lifestyle change to help manage your MS, may actually save you thousands of dollars in medical bills and medication in the long run?

Think about how much money you spend on coffee, eating out and convenience foods during a month… just by eliminating foods you shouldn’t really be eating anyway, will save you money. Also consider how other people in your life will benefit from this as well, especially if you have more energy, dont need to waste time planning meals or finding recipes, and have more time and more patience at the end of the day. Depriving ourselves of our best life is also depriving our families. They end up suffering as well. They end up getting the drained version of us. Are you willing to put you and your health first?

[box style=”blue”]”I’m a busy mom, how realistic is it for me to be able to follow a MS diet and still have energy to chase after my kids?“[/box]

I’m a busy mom too! Most of my recipes can be shared with the whole family, you can always add ingredients separately for specific members of your family if you need to (e.g. meat). There aren’t a lot of weird ingredients or flavors, and the recipes taste great. In fact, most families need more healthy meals!

You can also do as much as you like. I provide you the resources, and its up to you how much you want to implement. I’ve tried to take all the hard work out of the equation for you!

Ready To Get Started?

[box style=”blue”]”I live in another country, can I still participate?“[/box]

Absolutely! The MS Diet For Women Community is buzzing with ladies from all over the world. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, you should still be able to abtain most of the ingredients, or at least find substitutes in a store near you.

[box style=”blue”]”What if I don’t like some of the recipes?“[/box]

I thought about that too! So thats why I have made the meal plans flexible enough to let you add in your own recipes, or even favourite recipes I have provided you. For each week of recipes, there are on average, more than 20 recipes – thats a lot of recipes, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy most (if not all!) of them! I’ve received a lot of positive feedback, so I just know you’ll enjoy them too.

[box style=”blue”]”Is the payment transaction safe and am I protected?“[/box]

I only use PayPal for my online transactions and all payments are:[list style=”arrow-orange”]

  • Incredibly secure (I don’t see any of your payment details, that’s all taken care of by Paypal, a trusted payment provider)
  • PayPal will protect your purchase if you have any concerns
  • For monthly subscriptions, these are held by Paypal, so you can control when payments are made[/list]

You can read more about Paypal for buyers if you want more info.

[box style=”blue”]”What if I am not happy? Do I get a refund?“[/box]

Of course! Should you require a refund, simply send me a message with your PayPal transaction ID and I will happily take care of this. Please remember, I am willing to work with you to ensure you are fully satisfied, and will go the extra mile to make sure that you are. I am confident that you will find these resources life changing and value for money!

My refund policy is to return 100% of your last payment made by you, within 60 days of the initial purchase. That means you have 60 days to assess things for one-off charges (like the Starter and Coaching Packages), and 30 days for monthly subscription (like the Comprehensive Package) as those are billed monthly in advance. This is my guarantee:

ms diet for women money back guarantee

[box style=”blue”]”You aren’t a medical expert, why listen to you?“[/box]

That’s absolutely right, I’m not a medical expert. As much as I respect the medical community, my personal treatment from them has lacked much needed expertise, specifically for treating MS. I think society puts a lot of pressure on doctors to know everything about every condition, and that’s really not possible.

Here are my qualifications, if you would like to know:

[list style=”arrow-orange”]

  • I have a 4-year degree in Psychology
  • I am a professional counsellor in South Africa (member of the Health Professions Council of South Africa)
  • I am a qualified teacher and have taught at private schools in both the UK and South Africa
  • I have MS myself and have seen wonderful benefits from following the diet


Ready To Get Started?

[box style=”blue”]”Why I Am Charging For Some Of These Packages?”[/box]

I would like to help more women. And to do that, I need to free up more of my time to be able to do this. I want to be able to dedicate myself to everyone who contacts me, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. My aim is to help as many women as I can, but the meal plans, Community, and coaching all take a lot of time and I want to give you the best meal plans, recipes and Community that I can. By charging for these services, I will be able to dedicate myself completely to MS Diet For Women and this Community. The Coaching Package especially takes a lot of my time, and ultimately, I would rather be spending my time helping our community than doing something else for a living! I also need to help cover the costs of running and improving the site and community. I am not in this to make me rich, but I do need to cover some of my expenses to make this whole project feasible. I ultimately want to make the online Community free too, but need some income to cover infrastructure costs, like servers, etc. Plus, I am passionate about supporting other MS organisations out there (see below). I am still committed to deliver as much free quality content as possible regardless, which will continue to expand as my available time increases.

Other Important Information

Giving Back

I have made the packages as affordable as I can (better value than others out there), but if you really can’t afford the below prices, I really do want to help. Every month I will be giving away a Comprehensive membership to someone who can’t afford it. Please contact me if you would like to be considered for that and why. I am also donating a percentage of all monthly sales to the following charities as my way of giving back to the MS community – please don’t let this influence your decision to make a purchase, this value fluctuates each month – but I am committed to support these organizations financially where I can:

ms diet ms trustms diet nmss

Ready To Get Started?

Whats Included?

I am confident all of these tools, because they work for me…

Weekly MS Diet Recipes

With over 20 recipes each week, you’ll have lots of variety coming out of your kitchen. All meals are anti-inflammatory and are MS diet approved.

See A Recipe Sample
ms diet globeAll units both Metric & Imperial

Weekly MS Diet Recipes

Weekly MS Diet Meal Plans

Why spend hours planning meals and coming up with new ideas each day of the week? I’ve planned everything out for you, even down to the snacks!

See Meal Plan Sample

Weekly MS Diet Meal Plans

MS Diet Essentials eBook

Everything I wish someone had told me when I was first diagnosed. This 105 page ebook. This ebook is a collection of what I have learnt over the past 2.5 years researching the MS diet:

MS Diet Essentials eBook - Table Of Contents
Read The Table Of Contents

MS Diet Essentials eBook

Fast Track To Healing: 7 Day Juice Fast Program eBook

The best way to transition to a MS diet or calm your MS symptoms, is a raw juice fast.

Read The Table Of Contents

Fast Track To Healing: 7 Day Juice Fast Program eBook

Coaching Sessions With Kim

Need some one-on-one help? The coaching program is for anyone who feels that they need a bit more help on this MS Diet journey. Often, we can be so desperate to make the changes but find ourselves stuck in a rut, pulled down by our unhealthy habits. This is when it is valuable to have a coach who can come along side you, encourage you to persevere and keep focused on your goals. Let me do exactly that for you!

Coaching is limited to 10 spaces only.

Coaching Sessions

Weekly Grocery Lists

To make life easier, grocery lists quickly provide you a checklist to use for each week to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients for the MS Diet Recipes and Meal Plans mentioned above.

See A Grocery List Sample

Weekly Grocery Lists

MS Diet Quick Checklist

A comprehensive list of the foods to avoid and foods to embrace on the MS Diet:

MS Diet Quick Checklist

MS Diet Starter Grocery List

A grocery list of healthy MS diet foods to help you shop right. Useful for food and ingredient ideas, this is a checklist for foods you should be buying regularly:

MS Diet Starter Grocery List

Routine Builder

This is really a daily “MS Diet To Do” list that you can use to remind yourself to do important MS diet tasks, like, drinking enough water and taking your supplements.

Routine Builder

Comparing Packages

I have collected these tools into ‘packages‘, as I feel this is the best way for you to get what you need to see the maximim benefit. You can see details of these in the table below, just hover or click on the resource name in the left column to get a quick description of exactly what you get:

[megatables id=”OD0485A38B” /]
Ready To Get Started?

Want To Chat To Me About My Services?

If you still have any questions or would like further detail on the resources or services, please feel free contact me or feel free to post a comment below.

Please also read my terms and conditions.

I sincerely hope to be able to help you and improve your quality of life as we fight MS together!

Love and nutrients,

kim ms diet


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