January is a tricky time of year and we feel like we need to be functioning at a very high level after such a lovely holiday. However, it can actually be the complete opposite. Christmas and New Year are exhausting and we’re always not quite ready to get back into the swing of things again! It can be really difficult to reestablish those healthy habits. In this first episode  of Season 2 of the podcast, I wanted to help you do a little assessment of where you’re currently at with your health and MS. Then I’d like to take you through six practical steps to getting back on the bandwagon and feeling great again.

It’s important to remember that change doesn’t happen overnight – that’s for sure. It happens one small change at a time!

Let’s chat through six steps to work through when you’re want to start creating lasting changes to your life.

Step 1 Assessment and Visualisation.

I’d like you to assess how you’re currently feeling. Rate the following 6 areas from 1-10. One being the worst and 10 being the best.

  1. Your digestion and gut health
  2. Your energy levels
  3. Your sleep quality
  4. Your Mood
  5. Your self discipline 
  6. Your emotional and psychological state

Add up your scores out of 60. Your score should give you a broad overview of how you’re doing and feeling in general. If you got 48 and over then well done to you! You’re doing absolutely brilliantly! If you got 42 and lower, then it seems you are not doing we well as you would like to be doing and that a few changes are in order!

Then, I want you to spend a bit of time visualising how you want to feel this year. I love visualising how things are going to pan out because it helps me feel less resistant to what I know I need to do. Because I can see it in my mind’s eye, I feel less daunted by it!

This is my visualisation for myself.

I see myself thriving in every area of my life. I have enough energy to get through the day without feeling absolutely exhausted and traumatised. I have good quality sleep 7-8 hours a night, going to bed between 10-10:30. I fill my body with nutrients at every meal, taking care to avoid overindulging on even the healthiest of treats…

Step 2 – Get rid of any nasties in your cupboards

I know that you still have some of those Christmas treats lurking in your kitchen cupboards! My advice to you is get rid of them, Give them away. You don’t need them tempting you every time you have a weak moment. I find that if I eat the wrong things I can can get stuck in a downward spiral so easily. I eat the wrong thing in a weak moment then feel horrible so am set up for another weak moment where I comfort eat. And so that cycle continues until we can exercise some self discipline and say thats enough of that! However, it’s just easier if its not there in the first place!

Step 3 – Meal Planning

Eating this way is SO much easier when you have a plan in mind. And it actually doesn’t take take long to draw it up if you already have a few favourites. The way way I like to plan is to have a theme for every night of the week based around a main ingredient. For example Mondays are salmon nights, Tuesdays are all about unrefined rice, Wednesdays could be GF pasta nights, Thursdays could be warm salad nights with roasted veg. Fridays could be healthy pizza nights.

This way, you already know the ingredients you’ll be cooking with and then you can find creative ways to add new flavours or ways of preparing them.

Planning is so good because it takes the daily stress of ‘what am I going too eat tonight’ out of the equation!

Step 4 – The Nutrient-filled Smoothie

Add in a smoothie for breakfast or a snack. This will change your life! It’s a clear wonder because it’s so easy way to get a whole load of nutrients in at once. Just grab what you have in the fridge and fruit bowl and blend! I also love adding nuts and a bit of cacao powder.

Step 5 – Buy your Ingredients

Once you’ve planned your meals, make sure that you have a really good grocery shopping routine in place so that you’ll never need to run out to the shops and buy your food on the day. 

I do online shopping which works amazingly for us. I start the shop on a Tuesday for a delivery on Thursday – so that there is always food in the house on the weekend. This also gives me time to add anything that Ive forgotten to the list. There are still always things that I forget but that’s ok, I still like to pop into the shops to buy a few things and see if there’s anything inserting that I want to try.

Step 6 – Just Start

Mondays are always good days to start a new routine. Get all your ducks in row – the cleaning out the planning and grocery shopping and start on a Monday with with your smoothie and your planned meal!

You can do this and when you start to feel SO good, this will motivate you to keep going and make even more tweaks to your lifestyle. 

So, sit down for 30 minutes sometime this weekend with your notebook and think about how you want to approach this change and when you want to start without looking back. Remember that this is about your long term quality of life!

You can listen to the podcast episode here: