It completely makes my day, no my week, when someone writes in to tell me about the health strides they have made through following the MS diet. These women are seeing the results they so desperately want to see because they are one hundred percent committed to this way of life. They are disciplined and motivated and that is what it takes to get back to a place of health and vitality. They also report that when they start veering off track again (which can so easily happen) their symptoms start to return and their health starts to decline. Such is the power of food and a healthy routine.

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I witnessed this in my own health recently. I went to Spain last week which was just so fabulous. It was so beautiful and relaxing and I got more than my fair share of vitamin D. However, my wonderful routine went out the window. First of all, the place we were staying at didn’t have a food processor so I couldn’t have my usual morning smoothie. I made a plan and had fruit salad instead but I didn’t start the day with as much goodness as I usually do. Then there is the custom of eating dinner quite late in Spain. We were sitting down to our evening meal at 8/9pm which is way to late for me. I usually have my last meal at 4pm and then give my body a break from digestion and a chance to cleanse and heal (as per my previous post on Eating While the Sun Shines). So this week I’m feeling pretty sluggish and trying to get back into my routine. It’s hard but today is the day!

Laurie’s Story

I wanted to share Laurie’s story of triumph with you. She has done so well on the MS diet and is such an inspiration to every woman with MS. She has, very kindly, allowed me to share her message with you.

‘”Just wanted to share with you that I had an MRI yesterday. It was my 6 month follow up from my diagnosis. I have been following your diet for 5+ months. Basically since I learned I had it and did I did not want to take drugs. I decided what the heck. I will try it and then if things progress after my 6 month MRI then I will go on the drugs.  After being on it for three weeks my numbness in my hand went away. I’d had that for at least a year along with tons of other things. The hug went away next and then the shock I would get when I looked down. GONE!
I did develop numbness in my legs and feet since so I was sure it was progressing, hence the MRI. Well, my Dr called today. My lesions have actually gotten smaller. From 8mm to 6mm!  The demyelination has improved. AND NO NEW LESIONS!
This is simply amazing!  I have strayed a bit from the strict diet because I became anemic and very tired so I started eating meat again. This may explain my new symptoms of numbness and tingling in legs and feet. I’m back off of meat and back being really good. I will be eating a lot of anti- inflammatory foods. I will keep you posted!  Thank you for this site. I couldn’t be happier with this. Diet and prayer makes a difference!”

Laurie, thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

It’s just amazing that Laurie saw a difference in her symptoms after just 3 weeks on the diet. It also seemed like her strict adherence to the diet really calmed the inflammation in her lesions and they shrunk! Her healing is a work in progress and she finds that when she eats the wrong foods, her symptoms do return. However, she knows what to do to get back on track. She has first hand experience that MS can be successfully managed. This is huge!

Your Story

Everyone is on this journey and has their own unique story to tell. Being diagnosed with MS is a rollercoaster ride that has it’s ups and downs, twists and turns. If you have a story of inspiration to tell, please do get in touch! It may not necessarily be a story of complete healing but it could entail your discovery of an effective strategy for managing your MS. We would all love to hear it so please email me at [email protected]

Have a great week and keep up that tremendous motivation and discipline. You can do this!