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If you aren’t yet aware, I’m not a professional advisor of any kind. I am also not an accountant or lawyer, doctor or qualified nutritionist, so please don’t sue me. I’m just someone who wants to share what I have learnt as I have tried to treat my own condition. All information I provide is my own personal opinion based on my own research and should be checked with a professional before acting on something that could affect your health, result in financial loss or may have legal implications.

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Returns Policy

Should you require a refund for any purchase you have made on the site, simply send me a message with your PayPal transaction ID and I will happily take care of this. Please remember, I am willing to work with you to ensure you are fully satisfied, and will go the extra mile to make sure that you are. I am confident that you will find these products life changing and value for money!

My refund policy is to return 100% of your last payment made by you, within 60 days of the initial purchase. That means you have 60 days to assess things for one-off charges (like the Starter and Coaching Packages), and 30 days for monthly subscription (like the Comprehensive Package) as those are billed monthly in advance. All other refunds will be at my discretion.

Membership Community

You can read the MS Diet For Women Membership Community Terms Of Service here.


Everything on this site is copyrighted, so please don’t use any of my material elsewhere without my permission, that’s just not cool. Please also don’t distribute any content to others – if you want someone else to have a copy, please refer them to my site directly. No part of this publication should be reproduced, sold, or transmitted in whole or in part in any form (electronic copy, torrent, etc), without the prior written consent of the author (that’s me).

Detailed Terms & Conditions

Please refer to my detailed terms and conditions page for further details [the real legal stuff].

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