Today, I released my 3rd podcast episode which is all about the inflammatory effect of gluten in our bodies. I find this topic such a controversial one because some people are still absolutely sure there is nothing wrong with gluten and that all this hype is just a money making scheme because the industry has such exploded at such a rapid rate. However, there are those that have seen such huge improvements in their symptoms when they’ve stopped eating gluten. Different strokes for different folks! However, there definitely is something to this gluten thing.

The main thing about gluten is that it leaves an acidic residue on your blood and disease thrives in acid conditions. This makes it inflammatory for the body and the immune system can be mobilised to attack gluten molecules that have escaped through a leaky gut. The irony is that the gut is leaky and probably been damaged because of the gluten in the first place.

I explain this process in further detail in this podcast. I also share my story on how I felt before and after eliminating gluten. Hope you enjoy!

Next Friday, I’ll be giving you some practical tips on the best gluten-free foods to choose, some meal ideas and a five point strategy to help you get rid of gluten for good!

You can listen here:

Love Kim