I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and aren’t feeling too exhausted! I’m getting myself out of Christmas mode and into New Year mode. I always find that it takes a few gentle nudges to get me focused again! : )

There are still things about my lifestyle that I haven’t yet perfected and definitely need tweaking. Over the next few days I’ll be writing up my plans to put some new measures into place to up my game. My health depends on it!

I would love to help you do the same.

Registration for the January course of The Natural MS Recovery Plan is open. I do believe that the start of a new year, actually a new decade, is a wonderful opportunity to put into place some new habits to increase your well-being and daily quality of life.

I’m learning that the the smallest, seemingly insignificant, changes add up to create profound and lasting change in our lives. The addition of a smoothie in the morning, replacing dairy with non-dairy alternatives  or five minutes of meditation before you sleep. These are all examples of daily habits that compound over time to make us healthier, happier humans.

The Natural MS Recovery Plan will guide you through the process of changing your lifestyle and help you to implement the little changes that are going to work for you.

We start on the 1st January when you’ll receive access to the videos and workbook. Then we’ll have our first group call on January 2nd. 

For the next three days, You’ll be able to purchase the course at the Early Bird rate (half the usual cost) with the following code: FRESHSTART2020. 

The great thing is that you receive lifetime access to all the videos and materials. So you can always go back and review.

To register and find out more about the course, you can click here.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year! May the start of this new decade be a positive one for you. Enter it knowing that you can achieve whatever you want to this year!