Unfortunately, registration for the spring course of The Natural MS Recovery Plan has now closed. However, the good news is that you can put your name down for the July/August course! You can put your name down HERE to register your interest.

Spring has sprung and I am in my element (despite battling rain and cold wind today!). I have absolutely loved watching the tulips and new leaves coming out in the last couple of weeks. It has filled me with a renewed sense of hope that new life is always brewing underneath the surface even when we can’t see it. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, you must be enjoying the beautiful autumn colours and relishing the change in temperature after the heat of summer. A fresh start is wonderful, whichever season you’re going into.

New Life & Recovering from MS

The change that Spring brings is very much aligned to what begins to happen in our bodies when we start following the MS diet way of life. As soon as you start consuming an anti-inflammatory MS diet, the body is able to start healing itself. Nutrients are powerful tools that the body uses to rebuild broken cells and fix faulty systems. However, often we don’t see the results of this for many months and this can be super frustrating! The amazing thing is that if we stick with this change, slowly but surely, we begin to feel different. We are more energetic, we notice, an increase in our clarity of mind and our symptoms start to improve. I find it extraordinarily wonderful that we have the power to bring about this change with a few good decisions and new habits.

I would like to help you establish these new habits in your own daily routine and take your MS management to the next level. I continually tell myself that there is always more that I can do to help my body recover. The Natural MS Recovery Plan is full of these kinds of suggestions and tips!

The Natural MS Recovery Plan – The Spring Course

My eight week video coaching course is open again for registration. I’m hugely excited and motivated to get started! There are only 20 places available and registration closes on Saturday the 5th May at midnight US pacific time. I have limited the number of places because it helps me give more personal attention to each course participant.

Each week, you’ll work through a module which consists of 3-5 short videos and work book activities. Along with the course content, you’ll be able to book 2 coaching sessions throughout the 8 weeks to discuss your journey. You also get access to 24 weeks of meal plans and 20 weeks of boost plans which contain absolutely delicious MS diet meal and treat ideas.


Register your interest for the summer course HERE:


It’s a Journey that I’d love to walk with you!