About three years ago, I had a burning desire to create an exceptionally comprehensive course on natural recovery from MS. This course would be exactly what I needed when I was diagnosed with MS and felt like I was fumbling around in the dark with absolutely no guidance. I wanted the course to involve informative videos on everything someone with MS would need to know, in order to stay well using natural methods.

I embarked on this journey of writing and then filming an 8 module, 27 video course and putting together a digital workbook to accompany it. It certainly was a challenging endeavour and it took me the better part of a year to put it all together! I wanted most of it to be filmed outside, in nature, and so on my filming days, I carted all my equipment to our local common and set up camp in the forest!

I’m sure some people thought I was absolutely mad! I encountered many dog walkers and some very friendly dogs who stuck their noses in my bag and often stole my healthy snacks! I often had to wait for a noisy plane to finish flying over so that I could continue filming without plane engines in the background.

Then there was the editing! That probably took the longest out of all the stages! It was mostly fun and enjoyable though.

This was definitely a blood, sweat and tears kind of project but I can honestly say that I loved every minute of it. I learnt so much in the process and I’m super proud to have produced the only comprehensive video coaching course on natural recovery from MS (that I’m aware of anyway!).

Do you have a recovery plan?

The aim of the course is to get to the point where you can compose your own recovery plan. I provide a template for you to do this in the course workbook. This will provide you with a recovery strategy which is absolutely essential for everyone with MS to have stuck up on their fridge or wall!

If you haven’t completed the course yet and want to learn how to start this process, I highly recommend that you sign up to the Recovery Plan Community . Usually I charge a once off fee for the course which includes two coaching sessions. This is still available at $123.50. However, I’m doing something a bit different for the next week. If you sign up to the community, you’ll receive the entire course and the workbook for $8.50/month (easy to cancel anytime). You also receive access to all the meal plans and recipes.

I’ll only be offering this for one more week and then the course will be closed again until September.

To learn a bit more about the course and to sign up, click here.

A few hundred people have now been through the course and the feedback has been phenomenal. What I love the most is when someone tells me about one thing they’ve changed that has completely transformed how they live their lives and manage their MS.

The course is fully refundable for 30 days so if you feel it’s not for you then I’m happy to give you back your money, no questions asked. 

If you feel that it’s time to get into the change zone then take the plunge and sign up to the Recovery Plan Community.

The great thing about belonging to the community is that you’ll always have access to the videos and course material so there is no pressure to complete the course within 8 weeks and you can always go back and rewatch the videos that are particularly useful to you. There is a huge amount of info in each one so I recommend watching each video as many times as you can.

You don’t just get the course and meal plans, you also get personal support from me in the form of dedicated email support and support in the community group.

Have a think about it and if you feel you’re ready to start changing your lifestyle then I’ll be so happy to have you on board! I’m committed to helping you start this way of life or jump back on the bandwagon. 

Let’s do this!