Change is in the air and I’m thrilled to announce that from today, the name of my blog has changed to MS Diet for Life! I love it because it’s fresh and encompasses so much of what I want the site to be about. The Big Switch has been on the cards for quite a few months now and has taken a large amount of ‘umming and arring’, ‘toing and froing’ and some intense brainstorming sessions! I’m so happy that it’s finally been released and that we can move into this new year with a bit of sparkling newness.

All the basics of the old site are still in place. The tried and tested MS diet way of eating and living I recommend are exactly the same and I will still be around to provide guidance, post fabulous recipes and deliver great content. However, there are a few chief reasons why I wanted to brand the blog a bit differently.

MS Diet for Life – Three Reasons


First of all, and probably most obviously, it is a far more inclusive name for a blog that guides people in the natural treatment of their MS. Over the years I have chatted to many men with MS who need this way of eating just as much as women with MS do. I actually feel that most men need more education on how to eat properly because they are so used to just eating whatever they want with little or no consequences. Women, on the other hand are far more likely to be in tune with their bodies. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely not a general rule and I know many men who are amazing at tweaking their health.

So, yay for finally including the male species! A big welcome to all the men with MS out there! I will be doing some posts specifically for you in the next few months.

Unbelievably, I have also come across quite a few adolescents who have been diagnosed with MS. It breaks my heart that someone so young has to deal with this kind of stuff when their life hasn’t even had a chance to bloom yet. Teens also need a place where they can find comfort and feel included. I want MS Diet for Life to be a site that welcomes people with MS of all ages and genders.

For the Rest of Your Life

Secondly, if we are going to be successful with this way of eating and living, we need to commit to it for the rest of our lives. This cannot just be a fad diet that you try for a while and then go back to your old habits when it gets too hard. Nope, you need to be in this for life! If you want to stay well with MS, this has to be your lifestyle until the day you die at a ripe old age. You need to adopt a ‘no turning back’ attitude when you start the MS diet lifestyle.

Its a wonderful new beginning rather than the start of a restrictive life. You’ll learn things about your body that you didn’t know and you’ll soon start feeling better than before you were diagnosed.

Quality of Life

The name, MS diet for Life also speaks of eating and living in such as way that you experience a remarkable increase in quality of life. Eating and living this way, literally, infuses life into your body. Every morning I have my smoothie which is jam-packed full of kale, spinach, berries, almonds, frozen banana and apple. I’m actually a tad nervous each time I switch on my Nutribullet as it sounds like it might explode! I actually take a step back just in case! As I sip this nutrient packed concoction, I can feel my body gaining energy, my mind being boosted and my happiness levels rise. I can sense that the level of LIFE in my body is increasing and that it is working with greater productivity and efficiency.

The same thing happens after my gym workout. I feel that more life has been imparted through the action of getting my heart rate up a bit and working up a sweat. There is no doubt that it makes me feel happier, more energetic and more likely to make the right food choices.

What can you expect from MS Diet for Life?

The Start Here Page 

You’ll notice that there is a new item in the website menu! The START HERE page is a brand new part of the site that’ll make it easier for anyone who is new to this lifestyle, get going quickly. I know how overwhelming it is when you are first diagnosed. All you actually need is some well-structured guidance. I was so grateful that someone pointed me in the right direction at the start of my journey and so this is the purpose of the START HERE page.

There is a five step plan that you can follow starting with an assessment of your current situation. If you are new to this whole MS diet thing then I highly recommend that you visit the START HERE page and start working through the five steps.

Delicious Recipes & Meal of the Month

I am working on building up my recipe repertoire and you should see a brand new recipe on the blog every two weeks or so. My Instagram feed is also a great place to get quick and simple meal ideas and eat what I eat. I usually try and post pictures and recipes of my daily meals.

Look out for some more recipe videos! I’m aiming to put together one fabulous recipe video a month with my meal of the month post!

Stories of Recovery

You’ll also be able to read more inspirational stories of recovery from MS as I connect with more and more incredible people with MS who are living a life of health and vibrance because of their commitment to this way of eating. I’m always looking for more stories so please send me yours!

Latest Research on MS and diet

I’ll also endeavour to write about and post articles on cutting edge research about the connection between MS and nutrition. I want you to to have all the latest info on the best supplements and most potently healing foods for MS.

Amazingly, this field of research is exploding and every month researchers are discovering new and natural treatments for MS. It is my goal to be able to use MS Diet for Life as a vehicle for delivering this important news to you.

Summing it Up

In my thirty-eight years on this planet I’ve learnt that change is a good and also necessary thing. Without change, we stagnate and atrophy. MS diet for Women has been wonderful for the past five years and I know that so many women have loved having a safe place in which to express what they’re going through and chat to others in the same boat. Lovely ladies, you’re not going to lose this. There will still be so many opportunities for connection with people in exactly the same boat as you.

I really look forward to this new season of LIFE with you all. Onwards and upwards!

What do you think of the new name and updated site? I’d love to hear from you! Just drop me a comment below or email me at [email protected]