Tomato & Olive Rice

Bursting with flavour, this dish will transport you to Tuscany where olives and tomatoes are  an essential part of every meal. It is also packed full of many nutrients needed for your MS diet. Basmati or brown rice has a low glycemic index and will keep your blood sugar level more consistent and your tummy fuller for longer. In addition, your requirement of Omega 9 oil will be met by the olives and olive oil, this will also help your absorbtion of vitamin D.

Fabulously healthy for us, tomatoes contain the antioxidant, Lycopene, vitamin A, C and E. It is also easy to prepare and is a good option for a quick and delicious meal.

This recipe is super easy to whip up, especially if you have some left over rice in the fridge. It really is a very satisfying meal.

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Tomato & Olive Rice


Servings : 2

Prep Time : 5min

Cook Time : 15min

Ready In : 20min


2-3 cups of cooked basmati or brown rice

2 tomatoes chopped into small pieces

5-7 sun-dried tomato pieces (chopped smaller if they are large

7-10 black to green olives de-stoned and chopped (you may want more or less than this)

Himalayan salt to taste

30ml Extra virgin olive oil (just a dash)

1 handful baby spinach leaves on the side



Put the cooked rice into a non-stick pan with a little water (the water helps moisten the rice)

Add the tomato to the rice and stir fry until the tomato starts to soften and cook

Add the rest of the ingredients: olives and sun-dried tomatoes, salt

Cook for a further 3 minutes, adding water if the mixture is becoming too dry

Plate your rice and drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the top

Serve with baby spinach leaves